Love is in the Air Capitulo 45 Español Completo

It is strictly forbidden to miss a single episode of this spectacular novel. Love in the air online for free, one of the best in the world. And you…

The new businessman Michael walks on thin ice. Just recently, he met a charming girl and fell head over heels in love with her. But she turned out to be the daughter of the rector, who is its head. An old man may not like that his only daughter is dating a Caucasian. However, the matter had already reached the wedding, which, however, was not destined to happen. Varvara and Michael broke up because the girl refused to give birth to children and dreamed of a career.

Right at the altar, they parted for good. Now Michael is thinking about a new business in the film industry.
Anton broke up with Kristina and began to take care of Vika. But she still has a boyfriend, who, however, is not very constant and changes her right and left. Kuzya went to his Agapovka. Instead, the bespectacled Valentine moved into the room.

This excellent student got everyone with his hard nature. He grew up in a family of intellectuals and dreams of becoming a professor. Without a sense of humor and good looks, he managed to woo Maria – one of the most beautiful girls in the dorm. This couple is puzzling to everyone – the girl does not shine with intelligence and all her interests are clothes and cosmetics.

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