mrroot: JELEEL! — DIVE IN


Текст песниJELEEL! — DIVE IN

Connie, are you fucking kidding me?
Yeah (whoa), yeah (yeah)
Yeah (whoa), yeah (yeah)
Yeah (whoa), yeah (yeah)
Yeah (whoa)
Jeleel! Yeah

When I feel like rollin’ up, I’ma slide in
When I’m in my zonin’, uh, start the violence
When I’m in the moment, uh, what’s the timing? (Timing)
(Connie, are you fucking kidding me?)

I’ma dive in
Soak up (hoo!), pick the flow up (hoo!)
Froze up (hoo!), he just froze up (hoo!)
Yeah, I’m colder, niggas like pull up
Pick the dough up, throw it like a floater (yeah)

Сообщение JELEEL! — DIVE IN появились сначала на скачать песни из Тик Тока 2022.

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