Of Course 42 Dugg

Bag touched, now a rap bitch want to act up
Five sum’, I want a funk bitch, like five or sum’
Sixteen, ass shaking, this the big Benz
Switch friends, I fucked her, I want to fuck her
You coughed her, gave her your last but I fucked first
Top ten, too many dubs, I done dropped ten
Drop pens, watch out for something like I show out
You got yours, I got mine’s, have a blow out
I know why niggas hating on me, but before I
Slow down, I’ma burn this bitch up
Bitch, turn this bitch up
Three-fifty cash for like six months, bitch, what?
Get off my ass, I might tear sum’, trends on you
This and that, this and that
Albo had him, never gave it back, nigga, no cap
I was doing eighty out the trap, this before rap
I was tired of killing in a hotel, you should know that
But I go back, shoutout to Cole, bitch, I blow that
What’s up with Cuz? What’s up with Blood? I still fuck with Thug
Mе and Wood move out the window, nigga, don’t move
Wе want greens, I want blues, we both want fools
[Verse 2: Tae Money]
Boy, you a fool
‘Think I ain’t got the J’s for the .80, ugh
Early catch a play, niggas’ finish in Jamaica
I still got ’em catchin’, mate, I serve out of Section 8
Niggas’ calling us for the opps like they investigating
Gloves on, handled twenty times like I’m Derry Paint
And I was only fuckin’ on you, baby, why you say you gay?
Now you know I got a bitch, so why you say that?
Only thing you did was eat this dick off in the Maybach
Two-thousand for the pussy, I ain’t gon’ pay that
‘Less you bad, you got some nice titties and some ass
I just nailed Dior, Louis, Gucci, for you
I stay with killers so you already know how we move
I get blocked fresh off, I turned one into two
The nigga say he Big-8 but now the clips for us fools

[Verse 3: 42 Dugg]
We blow the choppers, sigs, and Glocks, kid you not
Every other nigga get thumped, on Mox
Five-hunnid poppin’, I’m frank more than Sinatra
Pullin’ out the choppers, I’m spending mass on bottles
Send her to the doctor, that pussy gon’ smell improper
And on my daddy mama, I know the nigga who shot me
So when I do it bad, don’ be texting me I’m wylin’
Bitch, everybody know I’m still childish

Сообщение Of Course 42 Dugg появились сначала на скачать песни из Тик Тока 2022.

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