Strictly For The Gangstas EST Red

Ayy, BMF, ayy, LA, it’s EST
Niggas know what it is, MBG
Fifty-five made men, Big June

Different kind of nigga, I can boss your life up (For real)
Don’t compare me to these suckers, they ain’t nothing like us (Nah)
I been trapping all day, watch my money double up (Yeah)
Gang been out in L.A. for two weeks straight going nuts (Going crazy)
I’ma still hold it down and swing this chopper full above (I got you, nigga)
I’ma still go get the plans for E-com and go get the dust (What’s goin’ on?)
I can’t worry ’bout that, I’ll just talk ’cause they just talking crazy (Talking full of -)
Said he ran me at the mall, I hit him up with his old lady (Facts)
TM with a .20, that’s what you get for cutting with them brokers (No cap)
I ain’t spreading nothing, hitting mamas, sisters, and y’all aunties (On god)
My chopper be bustin’, I can’t let up off his bitch for nothing (Nah)
My hoe’s section thuggin’, known for fuckin’ hoes and counting money (Evеrybody gettin’ money)
Most thesе bitches bluffing like they got it but they ain’t got nothing (Shit)
I just get to uppin’, ain’t no talking, won’t be no discussion (Yeah)
My lil’ niggas dangerous with them bangers, they gon’ make you famous (Yeah)
Posted on an island with some strangers, they got itchy fingers (Bop)
Bitch, I get through cats, I’m planting money, won’t play with y’all papers
He leave on a stretcher, I can’t pay you, need him in the pavement
My ice is the greatest, jewellery, cook it, it won’t change the flavour (For real, nigga)
Bitch, I’m from the hood, and I make music strictly for the gangstas
You know what’s going on, nigga
I be in methyl catalyst, nigga, fuck the nigga
He had his team, he can’t BG me
Shoutout to the whole 502, we been getting money
The whole city’s up, nigga, we all throwin’
We all gon’ keep getting money (Fuck a nigga)
Fuck a nigga, and I let niggas still push fives
And they know what time it is
A nigga seen me, he better get low
He better get low (All my niggas)
For sure, strictly for the gangstas, nigga
The fuck’s goin’ on?

Сообщение Strictly For The Gangstas EST Red появились сначала на скачать песни из Тик Тока 2022.

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