Thump Shit 42 Dugg & EST Gee

Free them boys, we them (Me and Spiff)
Ayy, free them boys, we them (Keep one on the hip, yeah)
Ayy, free them boys, we them boys, bitch (Yeah, ayy,Big Papito)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
Pop out with my ice on, Mr. Get Them Pints Gone
Fuck you want a price for? You ain’t coppin’ slabs, nigga
Bad bitch tell me that I’m better than her last nigga (Duh)
Rag bitch love me for throwin’ 4s and droppin’ fives nigga
Doggy still be cashin’ shit, fuck her good, then pass the bitch
Wayward down to grasser bitch, I probably made a ticket there
If I’m in there, them sticks in there, them Bloods in there, we blitzin’ that
Front to back, bring triple back, want eighty-five for these feddy’s
Cuddy’s talkin’ sixty fives, that’s only ’cause his fiends paid that
Fuck it, put a one on ’em and ship ’em out
Ice bowls, ice bowls, I said, “I got ’em” (I do)
IPhones, iPhones, I still got ’em (I do)
We take a jet to the bad, they buyin’ vests before they stride
I guess we know who not the killers, rest in peace, free my niggas
Ric’ called, Apple called, they all skeet (Hello?)
Murray called, ‘Onte called, then MD (Hello?)
White runts (Exotic), pink runts, four a piece (I got ’em)
Moneybagg, Babyface, EST
Buss down, touchdown then repeat it
Sixty-five a gram, nigga, who can beat it?
Red eye, been a Demon, fuck the Urus
Some youngings caught me slippin’, I ain’t trippin’, got insurance
Bitch, I’m back again, I’m strapped again, you get whacked again
They got the Hemis, forgot the Benz, I put ten on each
I know his mans, I know his bitch, I do not forget
Give me a week, ask about young, he do not exist
[Chorus: 42 Dugg &EST Gee]
Thump shit, thump shit, Doggy ‘nem thump shit
Slump shit, slump shit, Doggy ‘nem slump shit
Kill niggas, real niggas, a bitch can get it too
What about your youngings, Doggy? My youngings killers too
Thump shit, thump shit, Doggy ‘nem thump shit (Gonna thump sum’, gonna thump sum’)
Slump shit, slump shit, Doggy ‘nem slump shit (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Kill niggas, real niggas, a bitch can get it too (Yeah, you know what’s up, EST, Skcretch Gang)
What about your youngings, Doggy? My youngings killers too (Yeah, mm, mm)

[Verse 2: EST Gee]
Fat bitch, I remember you, you been a ho since middle school (I remember, been a bitch)
Dead or sippin’ soup from off a spoon, that’s what this switch’ll do (Mm, blrrrd, blrrrd)
Cappin’ niggas pitiful, condition never critical (Niggas showin’, niggas lyin’)
He die before he even knew, get some blood on all that blue (He was dead, shoot him dead)
Face shot, trappin’ in the spot, makin’ my H lock (Makin’ my dawg lot)
How you get that rich before you sign? Shit, I had eight spots (Mm, I had like eight on)
In and out, can’t stop, two stoves, eight pots (Yeah, mm, eight pots)
One on every burner, we the ones who do the murders
Whacked his younger brother and the big one, “Shh,” I know it hurt him (Mm, I know it hurt your feelings)
I ain’t accidentally puttin’ niggas under, shit on purpose (Mm, ain’t accidentally killin’)
It was rumors but I heard it, hit ’em four times with that burner (Yeah, four times with that AR)
Know we thump shit, thump shit, Geeski ‘nem thump shit (Thump sum’, thump sum’, you know we thump shit)
What else you need to know about ’em? Psh, he can’t be fucked with (Yeah, we can’t be fucked with)
Set a nigga up or somethin’, bitch fuck all that slut shit (Fuck all that slut shit)
Let me pop this Perc’ before we fuck, bitch, I might nut quick (Wait, wait, I might nut fast)
Premature, come to shootin’ that blower, always bust quick (Mm, nigga always bust fast)

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