VOO: Jessi — ZOOM

VOO: Jessi — ZOOM

Текст песни Jessi — ZOOMI see you lookin’ at my P-I-C (I know)
Keuge danggyeo danggyeo jom deo
Danggyeobwa bwa gittongchaji (Ayy)
Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)

Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)
Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)
Baby, hwak gage hwakdae hwaksilhage, ow (Ow)

I’m feelin’ like a million bucks, yeah
Must be that million bucks, yeah
(Brr-brr, brr-brr-brr)
Oneulttara bichina
Selfie chalkakamyeon bichina (Hey)
Always talkin’ shit, know you like that (Woo)
Jjoljima ang muljineun aneulge (Hey)
Yeah, it’s like that
Hey, hey, pretty little thang

Сообщение VOO: Jessi — ZOOM появились сначала на скачать песни из Тик Тока 2022.

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